@2018 Robert Aylesworth

bobaylesworthoutdoors@gmail.com             WIndsor, Ontario Canada

Birding with Bob - May 2018

Many of you know that I am a birder. What many of you don't know (I hope) is that I am not a very good one. I don't have a long "life list", I have trouble identifying many of the common migrants and they all sound the same to me.

But I live in an area that is a birding paradise and enjoy being in the outdoors at any time of the year. Birding enhances the experience and connects me to both the environment and others with similar interests.

As one of my paddling or social friends, you are invited to join me for a few hours of walking in the woods with binoculars (I can lend you pair if you don't have any). We will walk the trails of one or two of the local birding hot spots.

Along the way I can help beginners learn how to look for and at birds and some basic identification techniques. We can also talk about the fascinating lives of these creatures including the incredible migratory patterns that bring so many of them into our area.

Let me know if you are interested. I will be posting a few dates and locations that I will make special plans for my friends, but you can also join me on other dates if you let me know that you are interested.