@2018 Robert Aylesworth

bobaylesworthoutdoors@gmail.com             WIndsor, Ontario Canada

Using the ORCKA Canoe Tripping curriculum this course will prepare you to participate in a multi-day canoe trip in a typical Canadian wilderness setting.


As well as canoeing skills, you will learn camping skills such as camp site selection, pitching & packing tents, packing your gear and loading your canoe. And don't forget about food. Having the right food and knowing how to prepare it can really make the trip!

This course includes a short canoe trip. Some Basic Canoe skills will also be included. Most of the equipement can be included, so you might want to take this before you start to buy your own gear.

Canoe Tripping

One of the best ways to enjoy the Canadian landscape is by taking a canoe trip. In this course you will learn how to be a competent and happy canoe tripper.