@2018 Robert Aylesworth

bobaylesworthoutdoors@gmail.com             WIndsor, Ontario Canada

In two days you will learn train new or beginner paddlers to safely and efficient paddle a kayak in protected areas.


As an ORCKA certified instructor you will be able to run Flatwater Kayaking courses for an ORCKA organizational member such as a summer camp, paddling club or commercial operator (or you can form your own organization).


You will be able to certify paddlers at the A, B and full Flatwater levels. Instructors are required to be "Instructor Members" of ORCKA which involves an annual fee. More information on ORCKA membership can be found here.


As an ORCKA Instructor you will benefit by being able to offer an interntionally recognized certification. You are also covered by a comprehensive insurance policy while conducting a registered course.


You will need to have a kayak equipped with a spray skirt and floatation (at least one bulkhead with water tight hatch). It must have all regulation safety gear. Please contact me to make arrangements if you need to borrow a kayak that meets the requirements.


Courses for 2018
No dates have been scheduled at this time. If you are interested, please contact me.

Flatwater Kayak Instructor

As an ORCKA Flatwater Instructor you will be able to help people learn to kayak safely.