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Transporting Your Kayak

Here is a quick look at some car top carry systems. They address the issue of the solo lift by suggesting the two most expensive solutions. A lighter boat or Thule Hullivator.

There are other methods.

This one is obviously a blatant ad for Yakima. But it has some very good information. Both the rack extender and roller system are a big help for solo loading, especially on a tall vehicle. Light weight trailers always seem over priced to me (when you consider that they have so much less material than bigger cheaper trailers) but they are easy to load, unload and to handle on and off your vehicle.

Yakima has good products but most of what they show are available from other manufacturers as well. I haven't seen any rollers from other manufacturers though.

Here is a video with some good tips for using and maintaining straps.

It also shows some "hood loops" on a truck, although it doesn't actually show them in use. These can be very useful on almost any vehicle. I see that MEC is actually selling loops with grommets specifically for this purpose, but I just use a piece of left over strap and cut and burn a hole. Find a well placed fender bolt under your hood to put it under. When you are not using them they can be tucked under the hood.

So many great places to kayak! But we need to drive to most of them. You spent more than you expected for the boat. And then all the paddling gear. Well, don't think you will get away with anything cheap here. A good system will make it easier to load, unload and secure your boats. But no matter how much or how little you spend, a bit of technique will serve you well.