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Multi-Day Kayak Trip Leader

Do you have intermediate kayaking skills? Have you been kayak tripping for years? Are you ready to take on the duties of a trip leader?


Then this is the course that will get you there!

Becoming a Kayak Trip Leader requires a candidate to demonstrate experience through a trip log. That experience is then enhanced by knowledge about leadership, risk management, crisis management, group awareness and trip planning.

Some of the prerequisites for this certification are:

  • must be at least 17 years old

  • have ORCKA Coastal Kayaking Level 1 (or equivalent)

  • have ORCKA Kayak Tripping Level 1 (or equivalent experience)

  • a log of at least 25 nights and 500 kilometers kayak tripping with some level of leadership responsibility on 6 of the trips; at least one of the trips must be 5 days or more in wilderness or near-wilderness conditions*

Topics covered include:

  • standard and advanced rescues including rolls

  • food and menu planning

  • selection and maintenance of kayaking, tripping and safety equipment

  • navigation

  • leadership including group management and group dynamics

  • crisis management

  • trip planning including risk management

  • knowledge of kayak tripping locations

  • planning, organizing and delivering Kayak Tripping courses

Although it is ideal to receive this training in a traditional course format logistics often dictate that it be delivered using a challenge or mentor ship model.

* up to 25% of a trip log may include non-kayak tripping such as canoe trips or hiking.

Next Offering: July 3-7, 2017
Sturgeon Bay Prov. Park
Fee: $595