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Introduction to Kayak Tripping


This course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to participate in short trips with a group of peers, or longer trips with an experienced leader.


Participants should have introductory paddling skills and some experience camping. They will learn what to take and how to pack it in your kayak.

This course qualifies you to lead a group of friends or family on a multi-day kayak trip in near wilderness conditions.

Multiday Kayak Trip Leader
Once you have gained some experience kayak tripping and upped your paddling skills you will be ready to take over some of the leadership duties.
This course emphasizes the planning, leadership and risk management required to lead multiday kayak trips.
This course qualifies you to act as a commercial guide leading groups of inexperienced adults or youth on multi-day trips in wilderness areas.
Successful participants qualify for ORCKA Kayak Tripping Level 2 certification, which provides access to ORCKA's affordable trip leader insurance.

Kayak Tripping

Multiday tripping in a kayak is an experience unlike anything else.  Open water, remote camp sites and wild places are all accessible to the adventurous paddler.


But doing so safely requires skills, knowledge, preparation and experience.