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Kayak Tripping Instructor

As an ORCKA Kayak Instructor you will be able to train and certify kayakers at the KT1 and KT2 level.

Please contact me if you require this training. Custom training/mentoring is available.


Becoming an ORCKA Kayak Tripping Instructor requires a significant trip log and considerable dedication by candidates. You will be required to prepare and deliver lessons on a wide range topics including camping, environmental impact, leadership and risk management.

Some of the prerequisites for this certification are:

  • must be 18 years old

  • have ORCKA Coastal Kayaking Level 1 (or equivalent)

  • have ORCKA Kayak Tripping Level 2 (or equivalent)

  • ORCKA Flatwater Kayaking Instructor (or some other paddling instructor cert)

  • five years of kayak tripping experience

  • a log of 50 nights and 1000 kilometers kayak tripping with some level of leadership reponsibility

  • at least 20 nights and 400 kilometers of tripping in wilderness or near-wilderness within a maximum 0f 3 trips

As well as demonstrating a knowledge of the following topics, candidates will be required to deliver lessons on a number of the topics:

  • standard and advanced rescues including rolls

  • food and menu planning

  • selection and maintenance of kayaking, tripping and safety equipment

  • navigation

  • leadership including group management and group dynamics

  • crisis management

  • trip planning including risk management

  • selection of kayak tripping locations

  • teaching topics including conditions of learning, lesson planning and evaluation techniques

  • planning, organizing and delivering Kayak Tripping courses

Although it is ideal to receive this training in a traditional course format logistics often dictate that it be delivered using a challenge or mentor ship model.